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http://bible.us/Heb11.6.NIV And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.


Howdie Surgers!!

It was my 17th Birthday this past Wednesday and boy was it a day to remember. Not that I got showered with gifts or anything but I did get wonderful birthday wishes and went out to an amazing restaurant called 21 Grill on Hanover which is really what i want to talk about.

This restaurant i located in the “warm heart of Africa”, Malawi at the Protea Hoyel in Blantyre.

When you first enter, you are given a warm welcome by the waiters and manager of the restaurant. The grill lights are dimmed to provide a home- like atmosphere. I felt like I was in a castle, chandeliers hung beautifully and the chair designs were fit for a king! I was shocked when we received hot towels to wipe our hands with!! With warm clean hands we made our orders and waited anxiously, but not for long for our food to arrive, and boy was it worth the wait!

The first meal to arrive was a gourmet burger:

250g beef patty/

Chicken Schnitzel,

onion marmalade,

double cheese,

mayonnaise and

spicy fried potato battons

The next dish to arrive was Morrocan Chicken:

Half  Chicken basted and slow roasted to perfection

Served with naan bread and humus

Then finally my meal came the delicious 21 spare ribs

bourbon and sesame seed basted spare ribs

After an amazing main course yummy desert was next! I was the only one who ordered and my choice was the chocolate marquise:

Terrine of milky swiss chocolate mousse with a hint of cofee.


I have got to say that that was the icing to my amazingly delicious cake! I loved every thing about the 21 grill and I cannot wait to go back. If you Surgers are ever in the area, give it a try! You will not be disappointed 😉


long time no blog. I know it’s been a while, but im back with a tale of adventure!! A little while ago I left my new home, Malawi to make a visit to my old home Zimbabwe. Sounds simple enough right? BUT IT WAS’NT, and my family and I made a bunch of pit stops before we finally arrived.


Firstly we took an hour long flight to Lilongwe (the other capital city of malawi), just for a little while though then proceeded to South Africa and waited for two hours at the Amazing OR Tambo air port where we met a great African hero

NELSON MANDELA!! ( in bead statue form by the way)

A very short 4 hours later we had gotten on the plane and arrived safely in Botwswana, the third country on our list and we spent an amazing 2 days shopping, exploring and visiting relatives and staying in the wonderful home of my aunt and uncle who had recently moved there

and lets not forget the delicious food. I have always wanted to try TIRAMISU and although it’s not a native Tswana food, it was still available and really good



After an amazing 2 days it was time to depart. we gt off to a rocky start with our plane having difficulties resulting in a delayed flight we arrived home to Zimbabw.. my home



We spent the next 2 weeks in Zimbabwe, staying with my grandmother, seeing  more relatives and treing to get my drivers lisence, and although i dd’nt get it my trip was still worth while especially when I visited my my old school and my closest of  friends


The trip back home was less tiresome and although i was extremely glad to get back to my new home i kind of wished i had stayed a little longer.



Hey Surgers!

Recently I  finished reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

The book is about a young 10 year old orphan who is at first living with the wife of  her deceased Uncle who she believes is her last remaining relative, but the sad thing is her Aunt despises her and soon she is sent away to a boarding school for orphans where she makes friends and inspite of the harsh conditions she is happy for the 8 years.

Once she is done with school, at the age of 18 she becomes a teacher for a short amount at the school (Lowood) but decides it’s time for her to leave. After putting out an ad to be a governess she receives a quick response and is soon headed on a long  journey to Thornfield where her life changes forever.

She teaches a young french girl named Adele and is quite content although she has never seen the actual master and owner of Thornefield and the head worker, Mrs. Farifax, although elderly keeps her company. One evening, whilst walking to the post office to send letter she sees an injured man on the ground and helps him. He asks her a few questions and soon he is out of her until she gets home and realises that the man she helped in the master of the house Mr. Rochester!

As time goes by she begins to notice a strange occurance happening in the house: Someone is trieing to kill Mr Rochester. Setting his bed on fire and it just so happens that Jane is the one who saves him. At first she thinks it’s the a worker, Grace Poole for a long time. As time goes by Jane begins to fall in love with her brooding master but he is soon to be married although she does’nt believe he loves her,  thus sending her and the young Adele (who he finds a burden away).  All hope is not lost for the in love 18 year old as she soon finds out that her master loves her just as much inspite if the 20 year age difference and they are soon to be married.

On the day of their marriage, just as they are about to become man and wife, Jane finds out a shocking secret! It was not Grace Poole who had been trieing to kill her groom, but it was his wife who had become insane due to alcholol.

Because of this terrible incident Jane makes the decision to leave Thornfield leaving her love mortified. After a long struggle of homelessness and hunger she finds the home of  Mary, Diana and St John Rivers and there caretaker, Hannah. After a year of living a happy life with them as a teacher she finds that an uncle of hers has died, leaving this poor orphan girl rich! And soon she also discovers that the people she has been living with are actually her cousins.

After a while she begins to wonder what happened to her master and goes to see him but she hears somthing devastating has ocured. The whole of Thornfield manor has been burnt to the ground by the insane wife leaving Mr. Rochester blind and without his right hand. This news startles Jane, but she is glad he is still alive and that they can finally be together as his wife died in the fire.

When she arrives Mr Rochester at first does not believe it but he is soon convinced and they are married the next day. After 2 years he regains sight in 1 eye and they remain happy.

Thats it!!! but don’t think I told you all the details, this is just a SUMMARY, a long  1, but still a summary. You are just going to have to

read this amazing tale of struggle and forbidden love yourselves.;)

Hie Surgers!

Just want to talk about something tht has reaally gotten to my heart

People sell puppies but it’s the way they sell them here in Malawi that bothers me.

Here puppies are not only sold in pet stores but also on the side of any busy road. Occasionally I see them, with two adorable puppies of  all breeds clutched in their hands but i always wonder: Where do these adorable creatures go if no one buys them? And where do the sellers get the puppies anyways? Selling them on the side of a busy street puts them in grave danger of being run over and seriously injured or worse!

I know we can’t save every single puppy but we could atleast try.

Save a puppy and take them to your nearest SPCA or better yet, make it part of the family:)

Heya Surgers!

I was listening to the bbc news on the radio the other day and they just so happened to be talking about a passion of mine (film) so i had to turn up the volume. As i continued to listen I heard about a competion that the bbc is holding Internationally. It’s a playwrites competition where aspiring playwrites create their own plays and send them to the bbc. From what they said on the radio the prize includes:

2000 pounds

A trip to London

And a chance to listen to your play on the radio.

I would enter myself but i’m too young ( you must be over 18)

For more details visit www.bbcworldservice.co.uk/radioplay

Do’nt be shy!! Follow your dreams (be free to comnment and ask questions)