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We teens have insecurities (whats new :p) but these days body image is a HUGE issue, not just in the Western countriesu but here in Africa too! Lots of magazines make it seem like looking like Barbie and Ken dolls makes you popular which kinda makes you look at yourself and say “i’ll never look like that and  i’ll never be popular”. I’ve been through that and trust me, being someone your not only makes you feel worse and i’ve realised this: Whats the point if your just going to look like everybody else. it does’nt make you special, just a clone and you’ll never know whether people like you for you or who your pretending to be. UNIQUENESS MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL and next time you feel a little insecure REMEMBER that!!! 😉


Always walk two miles in someone’s shoes before you judge then. That way, you understand them better.