Howdie Surgers!!

It was my 17th Birthday this past Wednesday and boy was it a day to remember. Not that I got showered with gifts or anything but I did get wonderful birthday wishes and went out to an amazing restaurant called 21 Grill on Hanover which is really what i want to talk about.

This restaurant i located in the “warm heart of Africa”, Malawi at the Protea Hoyel in Blantyre.

When you first enter, you are given a warm welcome by the waiters and manager of the restaurant. The grill lights are dimmed to provide a home- like atmosphere. I felt like I was in a castle, chandeliers hung beautifully and the chair designs were fit for a king! I was shocked when we received hot towels to wipe our hands with!! With warm clean hands we made our orders and waited anxiously, but not for long for our food to arrive, and boy was it worth the wait!

The first meal to arrive was a gourmet burger:

250g beef patty/

Chicken Schnitzel,

onion marmalade,

double cheese,

mayonnaise and

spicy fried potato battons

The next dish to arrive was Morrocan Chicken:

Half  Chicken basted and slow roasted to perfection

Served with naan bread and humus

Then finally my meal came the delicious 21 spare ribs

bourbon and sesame seed basted spare ribs

After an amazing main course yummy desert was next! I was the only one who ordered and my choice was the chocolate marquise:

Terrine of milky swiss chocolate mousse with a hint of cofee.


I have got to say that that was the icing to my amazingly delicious cake! I loved every thing about the 21 grill and I cannot wait to go back. If you Surgers are ever in the area, give it a try! You will not be disappointed 😉