long time no blog. I know it’s been a while, but im back with a tale of adventure!! A little while ago I left my new home, Malawi to make a visit to my old home Zimbabwe. Sounds simple enough right? BUT IT WAS’NT, and my family and I made a bunch of pit stops before we finally arrived.


Firstly we took an hour long flight to Lilongwe (the other capital city of malawi), just for a little while though then proceeded to South Africa and waited for two hours at the Amazing OR Tambo air port where we met a great African hero

NELSON MANDELA!! ( in bead statue form by the way)

A very short 4 hours later we had gotten on the plane and arrived safely in Botwswana, the third country on our list and we spent an amazing 2 days shopping, exploring and visiting relatives and staying in the wonderful home of my aunt and uncle who had recently moved there

and lets not forget the delicious food. I have always wanted to try TIRAMISU and although it’s not a native Tswana food, it was still available and really good



After an amazing 2 days it was time to depart. we gt off to a rocky start with our plane having difficulties resulting in a delayed flight we arrived home to Zimbabw.. my home



We spent the next 2 weeks in Zimbabwe, staying with my grandmother, seeing  more relatives and treing to get my drivers lisence, and although i dd’nt get it my trip was still worth while especially when I visited my my old school and my closest of  friends


The trip back home was less tiresome and although i was extremely glad to get back to my new home i kind of wished i had stayed a little longer.