Hey Surgers!

Recently I  finished reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

The book is about a young 10 year old orphan who is at first living with the wife of  her deceased Uncle who she believes is her last remaining relative, but the sad thing is her Aunt despises her and soon she is sent away to a boarding school for orphans where she makes friends and inspite of the harsh conditions she is happy for the 8 years.

Once she is done with school, at the age of 18 she becomes a teacher for a short amount at the school (Lowood) but decides it’s time for her to leave. After putting out an ad to be a governess she receives a quick response and is soon headed on a long  journey to Thornfield where her life changes forever.

She teaches a young french girl named Adele and is quite content although she has never seen the actual master and owner of Thornefield and the head worker, Mrs. Farifax, although elderly keeps her company. One evening, whilst walking to the post office to send letter she sees an injured man on the ground and helps him. He asks her a few questions and soon he is out of her until she gets home and realises that the man she helped in the master of the house Mr. Rochester!

As time goes by she begins to notice a strange occurance happening in the house: Someone is trieing to kill Mr Rochester. Setting his bed on fire and it just so happens that Jane is the one who saves him. At first she thinks it’s the a worker, Grace Poole for a long time. As time goes by Jane begins to fall in love with her brooding master but he is soon to be married although she does’nt believe he loves her,  thus sending her and the young Adele (who he finds a burden away).  All hope is not lost for the in love 18 year old as she soon finds out that her master loves her just as much inspite if the 20 year age difference and they are soon to be married.

On the day of their marriage, just as they are about to become man and wife, Jane finds out a shocking secret! It was not Grace Poole who had been trieing to kill her groom, but it was his wife who had become insane due to alcholol.

Because of this terrible incident Jane makes the decision to leave Thornfield leaving her love mortified. After a long struggle of homelessness and hunger she finds the home of  Mary, Diana and St John Rivers and there caretaker, Hannah. After a year of living a happy life with them as a teacher she finds that an uncle of hers has died, leaving this poor orphan girl rich! And soon she also discovers that the people she has been living with are actually her cousins.

After a while she begins to wonder what happened to her master and goes to see him but she hears somthing devastating has ocured. The whole of Thornfield manor has been burnt to the ground by the insane wife leaving Mr. Rochester blind and without his right hand. This news startles Jane, but she is glad he is still alive and that they can finally be together as his wife died in the fire.

When she arrives Mr Rochester at first does not believe it but he is soon convinced and they are married the next day. After 2 years he regains sight in 1 eye and they remain happy.

Thats it!!! but don’t think I told you all the details, this is just a SUMMARY, a long  1, but still a summary. You are just going to have to

read this amazing tale of struggle and forbidden love yourselves.;)